About Us

Elizabeth Weber has devoted her time, energy, and heart to “The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands Inc.” since she founded the charitable organization in October 2000. Her goal is to help individuals and families in dire need due to life-threatening illnesses or other catastrophic situations. It is Elizabeth’s vision to be able to help as many people as possible and not limit the Foundation to a particular cause or illness.

In 1992, while serving as Contract Administrator for the City of Boston Law Department, Elizabeth found a powerful home-based business. She became an Independent UnFranchise® Owner with Market America, Inc. and successfully built her business to where she is earning an ongoing income in excess of one million dollars per year while helping many others achieve their financial success. With her new prosperity, Elizabeth’s passion for helping people in need who cannot help themselves is becoming a reality.

In 1996, Elizabeth co-founded “The Bike For Life” with Sandy LaVersa, a fundraiser that has raised over $40,000 in two years for the American Cancer Society and the Children’s Wish Foundation. However, Elizabeth wanted to be more personally involved with the beneficiaries. Rather than simply writing checks to various charitable organizations, Elizabeth wanted to put a face and a smile to every grant bestowed. The Foundation’s top priority is to keep administrative costs to an absolute minimum in order to maximize the grants given.*

In September 2000, Elizabeth and her husband Bruce learned about Robby Sorrentino, a beautiful little boy who was suffering from leukemia. At the same time, they were planning to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows after twenty years of marriage. Robby’s story so touched the Webers' hearts that they launched The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands sooner than planned. When their guests inquired about gifts, Elizabeth and Bruce requested that they instead contribute to the Foundation in order to help Robby.

That was the genesis of the Foundation, which was officially dedicated on October 4, 2000. . Thanks to your “helping hands”, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of forty-five families.