2005 Grant Recipients



Manchester, NH

Diane is a 52 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with ovarian Cancer. After extensive surgery she went through six courses of intensive chemotherapy.  She is self-employed with no medical insurance coverage.  Her Guardian Angel, Barbara Quish. We presented Diane with a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 to meet her special needs at this time.

Marcos Tetreault  
Manchester, NH

A diving accident left 15 year old Marcos a quadriparesis.  The family is in need for a Handicapped Van to accommodate his wheelchair.  We presented Marcos with a grant in the amount of $6,000.00 to purchase this handicapped vehicle.  Marcos’ guardian angel is Carmen Polo with  Partners in Health.  

James Pelham
Dracut, MA

James is 61 years old from Dracut, MA.  In September of 2004 he was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer and has undergone two surgeries.  James exhausted his entire savings to support himself while he was recovering out of work.   We presented James with a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 to help him with uncovered medical expenses.

Sandra Lembke
Milwaukee, WI

Sandra 46 year old woman who is currently in her third battle with ovarian cancer.  Her grant request is to help Sandra with her recovery. Sandra’s  Guardian Angels Lisa and Jim Winkler accepted a grant in  the amount of $6,000 on her behalf.  


Brian Ingalls
Londonderry, NH

Brian is a 13 year old with Huntington Disease.  Brain has been hospitalized more than 15 times in the last year alone.  Brian’s Dad also suffers from Huntington Disease and is living in assisted living.  His mom had to take an unpaid Medical Leave as a teacher from August 31, 2004 through December 31, 2004.  We presented the Ingalls family with a grant in the amount of $3,600.00 to enable Brian’s mom to care for her son during this difficult time.  

Rory King
Hudson, MA.

Our last recipient of this evening, Rory is only 2 years-old.  Rory’s dad Andrew is in the U.S. Army and in September of 2003 the Army moved the family from NC to Fairbanks AK then to Andrew Yuma, AZ.  While in Arizona, Rory complained of ankle pain so Rory’s mom took him to the Emergency Room where he was diagnosed with an ankle sprain and sent home.  In February, 2004, Rory became lethargic and was taken back to the Emergency Room where blood tests determined he had acute lymphocytic leukemia.   The military flew Rory and mom to Anchorage, where Rory received 6 weeks of chemotherapy…and Andrew & Rhonda had to live out of a hotel. Eventually Rory was transferred to Dana-Farber Hospital where he received further chemotherapy and underwent a successful bone marrow transplant, from his older brother Connor. On behalf of our Freedom Fund, we presented Rory, Andrew, Rhonda and Rory’s brother Conner, a grant for $7,000 which will assist the family with their unpaid travel and medical expenses for Rory.

Brendan Robinson
Hudson, MA 

On April 28, 2005 a $2,000.00 grant was given to Brendan Robinson from our “Freedom Fund” account.    Brendan is 5 years old suffering with brain cancer called “Medulloblastoma.  His dad, Travis is currently serving our country in the U.S. Army.   The grant was to help his family purchase medical supplies for Brendan.  Brendan’s Guardian Angel is Barbara Quish from Londonderry, NH


Lee Matthews
Arlington, MA  

On April 28, 2005 a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 was given to Lee Matthews who is a 3 ½ year old suffering from Hunter’s Syndrome.  Although treatments are available for various symptoms of Hunter’s Syndrome, at the present time, there is no cure for Lee’s disease.  Bobby LaMattina of Tokyo Joe’s Studio and Henry Guidoboni, CEO World Martial Arts Federation are Lee’s Guardian Angels.


Georgine M. Adams
Arundel, ME

On February 4, 2005 a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 was issued to Georgine.  Georgine had to have her right leg amputated due to many medical problems and has incurred medical expenses.  The grant was to help her with uncovered medical expenses.  

Leona Wasniewski
Baltic, CT

In January, 2005 a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 was issued to Leona’s and her two children, Krisy & Corey. They had a devasting fire that destroyed that burned their entire home. The grant was for them to be able to buy clothing and personal items. Their guardian Angel is Steve Harris


Sean Rose
Manchester, NH

On August 19, 2005 a grant in the amount of $1,900.00 was given to Jennifer and Chris Rose.  Their 5 year old son, Sean has a very rare disease called Chromosomal Anomaly. His mom’s vehicle needed many car repairs. The grant is to help them with the car repairs in order to take her son, Sean back and forth to hospital and therapy treatments.



Joseph Montezuma
Woburn, MA.

On June 24, 2005 a grant of $4,500.00 was issued to Joseph’s mom, Melissa Lindsey of Woburn, MA. Joseph is 3 years old in dire need of a heart transplant. His mom had to stop working to care for him. The grant is to help her with hospital expenses, prescription co-payments and lost wages while caring for her son. Her guardian angel is Zelia Carreiro.