2011 Grant Recipients


Judith Blackburn
Macedon, NY

$1,000 grant was given to help with medical bills which she is undergoing treatment breast cancer

Matthew Garrett
Seabrook, NH

$3,330 grant was given to help with purchasing a handicapped van

Erin Paradise
Hillsboro, NH

$5,300 grant was given to help with her uncovered prescription medication for treatment of her cancer at Dana Farber

A Day for Vincent Mannion Brodeur (Freedom Fund
Yarmouth, MA

$500 grant was given to help with the purchase of a handicapped ramp

Gerald Reedy
Monroeville, PA

$1,333 grant was given to help with uncovered prescription medication while going through cancer treatments 

Katy Rodrigues

$18,300 granted to help Katy with uncovered medical costs to fight her battle with breast, liver and brain cancer.  Her guardian angel is Bonnie Philo.



Grants were also given to the following:

Jonathan Mulholland
Ann Maloney, Bedford, NH
Robert Kopytki (Freedom Fund),
Amelia King, Charlotte, NC
Tammey Banda, Billerica, MA
Red Sox Foundation, Boston, MA
Fisher House, Boston, MA
Justin Granger (Freedom Fund)