Bobby Cannata Story

Life changes in an instant, going from someone who has not had as much as a cold in 20 years, to 4 months ago getting diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive cancer of my sinus cavity in my head called SNUC. On June 6th I had a successful 10 hour surgery to remove the tumor and I’m feeling stronger every day. I want to thank all of you for your many kind responses via Facebook and phone.

Now comes the hard part, knocking out the cancer cells in my body before they metastasize in other areas. And because as I mentioned this is such an aggressive cancer, unfortunately this seems to be a common occurrence that I am determined to avoid. To do so, I have to be as aggressive as possible myself with treatment. I have chosen to go the path of integrative medicine which unfortunately is not covered by any health insurance. Thank God for my ongoing income from my company to keep up with living expenses. However, to pay for this 12-18 month mission to rid by body of this cancer I am going to need financial help.

My dear friend of 27 years Elizabeth Weber, who founded The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands, Inc. back in 2000, has helped hundreds of families in dire need giving nearly One Million Dollars in grants. The Weber Foundation has been assisting me since before my surgery and continues to do so. It’s embarrassing to ask for financial support but I realize it’s the only way I can have a fighting chance to live. So I just want to say I appreciate any help that you can provide.

Thank you and love you all, Bobby

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