Jim Rudisill's Story

AND THE NEXT BATTLE BEGINS!!  Just as Jim and Sarah were getting back to living life with love and renewed appreciation  after supporting their teenage daughter Leah as she won her battle with cancer in 2019 Jim was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow failure blood cancer known as MDS-EB or Myelodysplastic Syndrome – Extra Blasts with Auer Rods and pancytopenia.   Jim is unable to maintain the blood levels he needs to survive and his only chance at a cure is an Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant.

Fortunately Be The Match has found him a donor and he will be receiving his transplant next month at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC.   In order to receive this life saving treatment Jim and Sarah will have to move for a minimum of 3 months leaving their son Elijah, 20 and daughter Leah, 17 at home. 

Jim’s health insurance does not cover the expense of their stay.  Maintaining their home and a temporary apartment on an already strained income will be difficult at best; Jim will not be able to work and Sarah’s income has been drastically reduced by COVID and years of taking care of Leah and their family.

Jim has a fantastic team at Duke and the family feels very confident that he will be given many more years with his family. 


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