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Kelly Cannone

Kelly has been an arts educator for more than 25 years.  Throughout the last two decades she served on The Arts Advocate of RI, Dance Teachers Club of Connecticut, and was a Board member of the Warwick Consortium of the Arts and Humanities.  In 1981 she founded and owned Dance Artistry, Inc. in Warwick, RI; Dancer Magazine called her studio “One of the four most successful studios in America”.  She then started her own dance company, the Dance Artistry Dancers, a nonprofit organization for ages seven to twenty, who performed all across the United States and internationally in Copenhagen, Denmark and  Minsk and Moscow, Russia.

Kelly has an extensive background in establishing educational programs for preschoolers, special needs, drug awareness and self-defense.  She is a renowned choreographer and her latest venture is writing motivational articles for children. Kelly’s articles can be seen in Dancer Magazine, The Gold Rush and Cheerleading Dance and Drill Magazine. Kelly has been traveling around the country teaching dancers and dance teachers how to set goals in her Aspiring Dreamz Workshop and has published a book titled “Aspiring Dreamz, Goal Setting for Dancers” Her Aspiring Dreamz workshops are now presented to all students ages 6 years and up. Kelly has also written a children’s book titled “The Broken Doll”.

“I am very proud of the work I have done with The Weber Foundation. I organized the first fund raiser for the foundation in 2002, Better than Broadway charity dance show, which brought New England dance studios together to share their talent and raise money for the foundation.”

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