So many of us have been blessed to hear and create with the soulfully-ethereal vocal power of Patty Barkas. Over her career, Patty has explored and shared a wide range of musical genres with musicians and audiences of all kinds. Many people know Patty as a wonderful singer but are unaware that she has changed the lives of countless individuals through her knowledge and mastery as a health nutrition and spiritual mentor. She calls her singing and mentorship her heart’s work.

Now, Patty is facing a health threat that could end her singing career, her ability to speak, and could also jeopardize her life. She is calling upon her beloved community of performers, friends, family, and fans to help her to live fully and continue performing well into the future. Patty miraculously survived cancer 30 years ago and was treated by massive doses of radiation. She now has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. Mainstream medical treatments are no longer possible given her former radiation treatment – her only option is life-altering surgery. The only alternative to avoid surgery is revolutionary treatment not available in the US. As we speak, Patty is embracing this courageous walk - guided by her conviction and faith - venturing into treatment not covered by conventional medical insurance. She is currently undergoing alternative treatment at the Issels Medical Center in Santa Barbara, California. This internationally-renowned, integrative center treats cancer with leading-edge, non-toxic protocols that avoid disfiguring and/or poisoning the patient.

The expenses associated with this treatment will come close to six figures and are not covered by Patty’s medical insurance. Your monetary gift will help offset these worrisome costs. Let's love our friend into living a glorious cancer-free life and give Patty and her husband Jay significant relief at this most challenging time.

The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands, Inc. provides financial assistance to families in need.


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