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Samantha Rogers Rouches' Story

In the blink of an eye life can change as it did for Sam Rogers Rouches.  Sam is a 31-year-old young woman who lives in Boston with her husband Chris and Bruce, their adorable French bulldog.  In 2015, Sam was diagnosed with a grade 3 malignant brain tumor and had an emergency surgery to remove her tumor followed by six weeks of radiation along with six months of chemotherapy.  

She was in remission until October 2019 when her scan showed that the tumor had returned but this time it had evolved into a Grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), which is the most aggressive type of brain cancer. She underwent surgery again to remove the new growth but the tumor quickly returned.  Despite going through additional rounds of chemotherapy the tumor continued to grow.   

To date, conventional medicine has not been effective and has possibly exacerbated her condition.  Sam and her family had to make a decision, and that decision was to attack this cancer in every way possible. This includes several alternative approaches 

such as immunotherapy, PEMF therapy, herbal and nutritional supplementation, international clinics and mind/body healing. Unfortunately, while alternative approaches have shown promising outcomes, they’re not covered by insurance and Sam now faces the prospect of tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs to gain access to these potentially life-saving treatments!  

Recently, Sam has had to take leave from her stressful job as a CPA in order to focus on her health. Since she has exhausted the options within conventional medicine, these alternative treatments seem to be the only way. Sam has an amazing attitude and believes she can beat this.   


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