2004 Grant Recipients


Brooke Ferrara
Grant $4,500
Feb 11,2004

Brooke Ferrara, age 2 ½ from Tamworth, NH. Brooke was diagnosed with Leukemia. Brooke is undergoing Chemotherapy treatment along with many other tests. On February 11, 2004 a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 was given to Jason & Denise Ferrara. An additional $2,500 was presented to Brooke's mother Denise at The Weber Foundation's 2004 Spring Ball. Denise & Jason have four other children. This grant is to help alleviate traveling expenses for the family while Brooke receives treatment at the hospital. Brooke’s guardian angel is Beryl Rotondo.

Jacob Laliberte
Grant $7,500
Feb 11,2004

Jacob Laliberte, 19 years old from Windham, NH. On October 26, 2003, Jacob was walking along with a friend on his way to a convenience store, when he was struck by a Ford F-350 truck that immediately left the scene. The driver was arrested and charged with felony drunken driving in the hit-and-run accident. Jason cannot feel anything from the chest down. He has been diagnosed with C6 ASIA A tetraplegia. On February 11, 2004 a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 was given and an additional $2,500 was given on March 27th at The Weber Foundation's Spring Ball. This grant was to purchase a Tub Slide Shower Chair, Invacare A4 Wheelchair, Wanchik writer, Hi-Lo Table and numerous bedside care items for Jacob. Jacob’s guardian angel is Patti Sherman.

Donna Iannelli
Grant $5,000
March 27,2004

Donna is a single mom from Whitman, MA, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo surgery, and soon after was told that she also had brain cancer. This grant will assist Donna with the many uncovered medical expenses Her Guardian Angel is Fran Carney of Melrose, MA.


Linda Bean 
E.Stroudsberg, PA
$5,000 grant

In 2001 Linda’s husband Alford, was diagnosed with environmental sinus cancer. Unfortunately, as a result of the radiation treatment, Alford developed a bone infection where half of his skull had to be removed, as well his left eye, the roof of his mouth and all of his teeth. Medical bills have been piling up and financial assistance is needed to take the pressure off their family during this difficult period. There to accept the $5,000 grant was their Guardian Angel Walter Brunt of Phillipsburg, NJ.

Jacob Laliberte
Windham, NH
$7,500 grant

19-year old Jacob was struck by a motor vehicle while walking down the street. He is now a tetraplegic and is confined to a wheelchair due to paralysis from a broken and dislocated vertebrae in his neck and a fractured vertebrae in his lower back and pelvis. Jacob is receiving a total grant of $7,500 to purchase a Tub Slide Shower chair, an A4 wheelchair, a Wanchiks writer, a hi-low table, and to assist with a making his driveway handicapped accessible. His Guardian Angel is his Aunt, Patty Sherman from Tewksbury.

Keely Ritchie  
Oakfield, ME
$3,000 grant

Keely is a single parent with two disabled children (Michaela and Michael) who both suffer from Krabbe’s leukodstrophy. A $3,000 grant will build a handicapped ramp for her two children and help with her traveling expenses to and from the hospital, which is four hours away. Her Guardian Angel is Kelly Brown, Family Coordinator for Hunter’s Hope in Durham, NC.

Brooke Ferrara
Tamworth, NH
$4,500 grant

Two and one-half year old Brooke was diagnosed with Leukemia this past November. With 5 children at home this grant will help the family with Brooke’s transportation needs for medical treatment and other medical supplies to keep her comfortable. A total grant of $4,500 was given to help Brooke and her family. Her Guardian Angel is her Aunt Beryl Rotondo of Medford, MA.

Shannon & Timothy Bullock
Belmont, NH
$2,500 grant

The Bullock family recently lost their home, their pets, and all their personal belongings in a horrific fire. This $2,500 grant will help the Bullock family to replace clothing and other items lost in that fire. Their guardian angel is Terrie Weintraub of Nashua, NH.

Donna Iannelli
Whitman, MA
$5,000 grant

Donna is a single mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo surgery, and soon after was told that she also has brain cancer. A request was made to help assist Donna with her health insurance payments, as she can no longer work. A $5,000 grant will help Donna with her insurance needs. Her Guardian Angel is Fran Carney of Melrose, MA.

Marlene and Randy Wentworth
Exeter, NH
$5,000 grant 

Marlene was recently diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Since her disability insurance will not take effect for 6-months and she can no longer work, this $5,000 grant will help Marlene with her uncovered growing medical expenses. Her Guardian Angel is Clara Mattheson of Stratham, NH.

Cindy Farney
Silver Creek, N.Y.
$5,000 grant

Cindy has sustained numerous injuries due to a major car accident. As a result of her serious trauma, as well as a stroke, she is faced with the challenge of ongoing therapy. This $5,000 grant will contribute towards the many months of therapy she will be required to receive, which her insurance does not cover. Her Guardian Angel is Dr. Jonathan Davis, Buffalo, NY.

Mary Pizzi
Belmont, MA
$4,000 grant

A grant in the amount of $4,000 was giving to 13 year old Mary Pizzi of Belmont, MA to cover help cover her education, clothing and living expenses.  Mary’s mom and Dad both tragically passed away in early January .  Frank Manzelli from Tokyo Joe’s Studio in Belmont, MA is her guardian angel.

Collette Nichols
Springfield, MA
$3,500 grant

Collette Nichols, of Springfield, MA - Collette’s husband Steven was sent to Fort Drum, NY after two injuries from his tour overseas in Iraq. Steven who is disabled has two sons, one of whom is terminally ill and in a wheelchair. Due to the multiple challenges the family faces, they were about to have their mortgage foreclosed on their home. This $3,500 grant will assist the family in their immediate crisis. Her Guardian Angel is Jake Comer from The American Legion.

Louis and Diane Gorewitz
Grant $2,000
July 8, 2004

On July 8, 2004 a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 was given to Louis & Diane Gorewitz of Laconia, NH.  The grant was given with the proceeds from the White Mountain Chapter MBW Car Club of America Charity Golf Tournament who gave the proceeds to The Weber Foundation. Louis is 42 years old and has many medical problems. He is disabled. He recently had his toes amputated because of an infection. They have two small children. The grant was to help them with unpaid medical co-payments and pay for the increased medical insurance coverage. Their guardian angel is Judy Doherty.


Naomi Buldini
Grant $5,000
July 27, 2004

Naomi is a six year old girl from Sandwich, MA., who has brain cancer.  She has had a very difficult year of radiation, chemotherapty and eight surgeries.  Naomi also just finished with a stem cell transplant.  On July 27, 2004, a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 was presented to Naomi's family by Guardian Angel, Alice Zinkevich.  This grant is for Naomi to takeTherapeutic Horse Back Riding Classes for one year as well as refurnish the bathroom for Naomi's needs.  

Katherine Tsoulas

Grant $2,200
July 28, 2004

On July 28, 2004 a grant in the amount of $2,200.00 was issued to Katherine Tsoulas of Lyman, Maine.  Katherine, a single mother suffers from Multiple Scleorsis and is unable to work.  The grant was to purchase an Amigo Scooter which was not covered by insurance.  Her guardian angel is Sandra LaVersa.

Kathleen Polcaro
Grant $2,000
July 27, 2004

On July 27, 2004 a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 was issued to Kathleen Polcaro of Beverly, Ma.  Kathleen has been bedridden due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis along with many other illnesses.  The grant was to help purchase a hospital bed for Kathleen.

Cynthia Salsman
Grant $2,000
July 28, 2004

On July 28, 2004 a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 was issued to Cynthia Salsman of Lynn, Mass.  Cynthia has been battling breast cancer and was in need of garments not covered by insurance.  This grant was to purchase the compression garments, solaris compression device and bandaging for Cynthia.


William Hall
Grant $5,000
July 29,2004

On July 29, 2004 a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 was issued to William Hall, 26 years old from Indiana.   William is suffering from a debilitating chronic disease. The grant was sent directly to Advanced Medical Center to help him with his uncovered medical expenses. Last year alone William spent $17,092.00 in uncovered medical expenses.

Paul Conway

Grant $9,000
Sept. 12, 2004

A grant in the amount of $9,000.00 was issued to Paul and Robin Conway of Pembroke, MA. at our 4th Annual Golf Tournament & Dinner.  Paul has an inoperable brain tumor. Paul is 48 years old. This grant will allow Robin to be by his side during this difficult time. Paul's life has been one of service to others and would do anything for anyone in need. Paul & Robin have two sons. Their guardian angel is Nancy MacKenzie


Seargeant James & Amy Lathan
Grant $6,000
Sept. 24, 2004

On September 24, 2004 a grant for $6,000.00 was issued to Sergeant James & Amy Lathan.  This grant was from our mission of the “Freedom Fund” which identifies and financially supports veterans and their families who may have been adversely affected by the war on terror.  Sergeant Lathan was a chopper mechanic at Baghdad International Airport.  He was hit by a mortar or rocket on  July 4th.  He only had 13 days left to go in Iraq.  He is paralyzed from the neck down and is in the spinal cord injury unit at the West Roxbury Veterans Administration Hospital.  A Nebraska native, James Lathan was originally stationed in Germany with his family, but due to his injuries his wife and child need to live in the Boston area to be with him.  The grant is to pay for tuition for his son to attend KinderCare Day Care as well as a rental car while they stay in the Boston area. Their guardian angel is Jules Crittenden from the Boston Herald.  

Ethan Ketchum

Grant $5,000
October 17, 2004

A grant in the amount of $5,000.00 was given to Ethan at our Third Annual "Angels on Foot 5K Fun Walk/Run Road Race" in Hampton, NH on October 17, 2004.  Ethan is a 21 month old boy who lives in Hudson, NH.  He has been diagnosed with Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome.  It is a severe blood disorder that requires treatment with bone marrow transplant.  Due to his illness, he has no immune system which means on one is allowed to be within 6 feet of him.  He spends many days and weeks at Children's Hospital in Boston.  The grant is to cover traveling/lodging expenses to and from Children's Hospital as well as repairs needed to their home due to Ethan's immune system.


Samantha Walton
Grant $10,000
October 21, 2004

On October 21, 2004, a grant in the amount of $10,000.00 was given to 20 year old Samantha Walton.  Samantha is a 20 year old girl who was viscously attacked by someone who threw acid on her. She suffered severe burns to her entire face, eyelids, eyes, neck and shoulder.   Samantha is from Guyana and due to her extensive injuries has been granted a Visa (along with her mom) from the United States to come to the States to receive treatment.  Samantha is being treated at the Shriner’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  The Grant is for housing so that Samantha and her mom can live in the Boston area while receiving extensive treated at the hospitals.  


Reina Torres, Astrid & Ingrid Santiago

On November 30, 2004 a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 was given to Reina Torres of Andover, Ma.  Reina is a single mother of Astrid and Ingrid Santiago.   Both of her daughters have a congenital neuromuscular degenerative metabolic disorder of mitochondria, called cytochrome C oxidase deficiency.  Their condition will worsen until they die.  Their 12 year old brother Rony has passed away from the same disease.  Both girls are very physically disabled in wheelchairs and require help with everything.  The grant is to purchase the girls two full size double beds and mattress sets since the beds they have now are too small for them and the girls have trouble sleeping at night and move around frequently.  The grant will also cover the purchase of bureaus, a humidifier, and recliners for comfort since it is difficult for them to sit up straight for long periods of time.   Their Guardian Angels are Susan Kanoff  and Ginny Williams of North Andover, MA  and Rosemary Mahoney of Somerville, MA


Cameron Croteau
Grant $2,000
December 15, 2004

Cameron is 8 months old with cerebral palsy and severe brain damage.  On December 15, 2004, a grant in the amount of $2, 000.00 was issued to Candice and Christopher Croteau for their son.  This grant is so they can purchase a car seat and wedge for Cameron, as well as past and future unreimbursed medical and treatment expenses. Cameron’s Guardian Angel is our very own, Barbara Quish.