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How to determine if you or a person you know may be eligible for a Grant:

The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands, Inc., (herein referred to as the Foundation) provides direct financial assistance to individuals and their families who are facing life-threatening illnesses or other catastrophic situations. These Grant Submission Guidelines provide detailed information regarding the circumstances taken into consideration by the Board of Directors in evaluating a grant request.

Due to the large number of requests that we receive, the Foundation will not review incomplete grant applications, grant applications that do not specifically detail the assistance needed or are not supported by medical reports and/or financial statements. While the Board considers many factors not mentioned here, these Grant Submission Guidelines, will help you prepare a more successful application. Please study them carefully and include all the information requested.  

We are a small Foundation with limited funds consequently we are unable to provide grants for handicap vehicles.

The Foundation Staff will review your application prior to submitting it to the Board of Directors for consideration. The grant evaluation process generally requires at least three to six months beginning when the Foundation Staff forwards your application to the Board of Directors. If your need is time sensitive, you must attach a separate letter describing why your application should be marked for an expedited review. Please refer to the Expedited Review section on Page 4.

Please Note: Grants are limited to residents of the following states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Pennsylvania.


To be considered for a grant, an applicant must demonstrate, to the Board’s satisfaction, an unmet financial need caused by a life threatening  illness or directly related to a catastrophic situation affecting the applicant or the applicant’s immediate family.

Please review the Foundation’s Request for Information Form and the grant evaluation criteria listed below to assist you in providing the necessary information. All applicants are required to provide federal income tax returns for at least the two tax years preceding their application and are required to submit all other financial information requested in the Financial Disclosure Form.

The Foundation will also consider applications by a third party, a Guardian Angel, concerned for a person that they believe is in need of financial assistance because of a life threatening illness or other catastrophic situation. Guardian Angels are asked to supply as much information about a potential grant recipient as possible and are encouraged to contact the recipient or his or her family to assist them in providing the necessary medical and/or financial information. If a Guardian Angel is not able to supply sufficient information regarding the recipient and the recipient’s needs, the Foundation, where evidence of a compelling circumstance is found, may contact the recipient or the recipient’s family for additional information.

Guardian Angels should file a Letter of Inquiry if they would like to remain anonymous or cannot provide the relevant information. Otherwise, the Guardian Angel is encouraged to help the grant recipient complete the Foundation’s Request for Information Form

All grant requests must state the specific assistance sought from the Foundation. The Foundation will not consider grants that do not include a specific list of expenses that you wish the Foundation to consider. Such items should be individually itemized, include estimates for materials and labor requested or a paid bill where the services have already been purchased. The Request for Information Form includes a line for you to present the Foundation with a total amount for all requested assistance. You are required to provide the Foundation with a proposed Grant Amount. Forms that do not contain a specific amount supported by an itemized schedule (with supporting documents or receipts) will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed by the Board under any circumstances.

The Foundation Staff and the Board of Directors will not accept requests wherein the applicant asks the Foundation to determine the appropriate Grant Amount. Grant Applicants are encouraged to review their needs judiciously. Any applicant may request additional assistance after receiving a grant from the Foundation by supplying an updated Request for Information and stating that grant recipient is applying for funds in addition to the grant already received. The Foundation Administrator will contact the grant recipient if information in addition to the Request for Information is required to substantiate the need for additional funds.

You are also required to provide information regarding your financial assets. The Request for Information Form includes a Financial Disclosure section that must be filled out and signed by all grant applicants. In addition, each amount entered on the form must be substantiated by bank and/or brokerage statements for a three month period beginning with the date that you mail your application to the Foundation.

Guardian Angel’s Letter of Inquiry

  • Guidelines:  You should:

    Submit a letter – A signed letter explaining the grant applicant’s history and need for assistance. 

    Provide us with newspaper or other media articles – Recent articles explaining the applicant’s situation or efforts by other persons or organizations to assist the applicant are always helpful.Provide the name, address and phone number of the recipient.

    Provide us with your name, address and phone number (even if you wish to remain anonymous).

    State whether you would like to remain anonymous.

The Board of Directors considers the following criteria in evaluating grant requests.

Geographical Location – The Foundation focuses on applicants in the northeastern United States.  Only residents from the following states are presently considered for grants:  Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Pennsylvania. Requests received from residents of other states will not be considered for grants at this time due to the overwhelming number of requests received by the Foundation. The geographic limitation does not apply to members of the armed services and their families applying for a grant from the Helping Hands for Heroes fund. 

Requests for Medical Assistance – requests for medical assistance must establish a clear, unmet, financial need directly related to a diagnosed medical condition. 

Applicants must provide a reasonable estimate of the cost of treatment and establish that the treatment is not covered by medical insurance. Further, such grants are often paid directly to the medical service provider. The applicant is required to provide the name, address, and telephone number of the service provider. 

Requests for Medical Assistance must include a medical report from a duly licensed physician. Medical Reports must be signed by the physician and include contact information to verify the authenticity of the report. Grant Recipients may be required to sign a medical information release form allowing the Foundation Staff to speak directly with the physician regarding the applicant’s medical condition. 

Requests for Non-Medical Assistance – requests for financial assistance based on a non-medical, catastrophic situation must establish that the applicant was adversely affected by the situation, not likely to recover any portion of the loss through insurance, a lawsuit, or other recovery, and must establish dire financial need. 

Recipients must provide their individual federal income tax returns for at least two prior years. Incomplete returns for any tax year currently on extension are not acceptable. Recipients who were not required to file returns must include a notarized statement confirming that they were not required to file a return. The parents of a grant recipient under the age of 18 are also required to submit tax returns for two complete years prior to the year in which assistance is sought. The applicant may submit a financial statement prepared by a licensed certified public accountant in lieu of tax returns.

Requests for Expedited Review – If your need is time sensitive, you must attach a separate letter describing why your application should be marked for an expedited review. The Foundation Staff determines whether expedited review is warranted. The following are examples of successful applications for expedited review: life threatening medical treatment required, funds necessary to construct wheel chair ramp needed before patient would be released from hospital, and transitional housing provided to victims of catastrophic fire (the Foundation does not grant funds to assist with rent or mortgage payments for an individual’s primary residence). 

The Foundation, except in extraordinary cases, does not: 

Provide funding to other charitable organizations to support the organization’s programs. We focus on providing direct assistance to persons in need.

Provide monies for rent, rental deposits, or back rent absent a showing of compelling circumstances which does not include pending eviction. 

Review incomplete submissions 

The Foundation cannot return or forward grant request materials:

Cannot return supporting materials sent as part of your grant application. Please do not submit any materials for which you do not have a copy. 

Your grant request must include an original signature. Faxed requests will be accepted provided that the original request including an original signature is received within seven days of the Fax. 


The Foundation Staff: 

  1. Reviews all grant requests prior to the application being submitted to the Board for consideration.
  1. May request that the Guardian Angel or Grant Applicant provide additional information.
  1. CANNOT assist applicants with their grant proposal.
  1. Evaluates the Grant Application and makes substantive recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  1. May reject your applications as:

    •outside of the Foundation’s guidelines.
    •improperly submitted – not meeting our filing requirements, or
    •previously rejected.
  1. Acknowledges receipt of applications only when specifically requested to do.
  1. Determines whether expedited review is warranted.
  1. Determines whether an application should be submitted to the Board of Directors for a full review and consideration for a grant.

The Board of Directors: 

  1. Meets each month to review grant applications completed by the last day of the previous calendar month. Incomplete grant applications are not reviewed by the Board. Please note that the Board reviews applications in the order that they are completed. The normal time period for grant application review is three to six months beginning when the Foundation staff certifies the application as complete and forwards the application to the Board for its review. Requests for expedited review may be made to the Foundation Administrator and will be considered when appropriate.
  1. Reviews all grant applications submitted to them and Foundation Staff recommendations.
  1. Reviews all grant applications rejected by the Foundation Staff if the Foundation Staff rejects the application on substantive grounds. Reviews of rejected applications are done when the time is available and generally occur within one year from the date that the application is rejected by the Foundation Staff.
  1. Will not review requests for expedited review that were denied by the Foundation Staff.

Reserves the right to withhold any information submitted to the Board where the Board determines that disclosing such information to the general public may endanger a member of the Foundation, the Guardian Angel, or a Grant recipient. Board Meetings are not open to the public to protect the privacy of grant recipients. 


All Board decisions are reported by mail following the Board Meeting. Foundation Staff are prohibited from responding to telephone requests regarding the status of an application

Applicants generally may not request reconsideration if their application is denied and are required to submit a new application making specific reference to the prior denied application, to request assistance.

In limited situations, the Board may deny an initial application if they believe that the application has merit but that the recipient’s needs cannot be met at the current time. Those applicants will be asked to update the Board should their circumstances change and may be awarded a grant in the future. The Board will not reconsider an application that has not been marked for future consideration. However, applicants may re-apply at any time provided that their application materials adequately disclose, in the opinion of the Foundation Administrator, that they have previously applied for assistance and been denied.



Any applicant who would like to appeal a decision of the Board must do so by submitting a new grant application making specific reference to the prior application and the Board’s denial of the prior application. There are no exceptions to this policy.